What is crowd marketing?

What is crowd marketing?

Crowd marketing is a unique internet marketing tool, the essence of which is to place information about a product or brand in the place of concentration of the target audience. Places of concentration are usually thematic groups in social networks, forums and comments on sites. It is worth noting that crowd marketing is often confused with spam. Although there is indeed a very thin line between them, by non-professional actions you can turn a good device into posting spam messages, which can do more harm than good.


Crowd marketing goals

goals crowd marketing

Those who are in the subject not without reason called crowd marketing “word of mouth”. Based on his experience, a person advises another company and its products. The main rule – the story should not be so much convincing as natural, to be in place, and in form should not resemble intrusive advertising.

Crowd marketing is aimed at obtaining natural links after the introduction. Every SEO expert knows that in the era of artificial intelligence that is now reigning in the minds of search engines, it has become dangerous to buy links on exchanges. Links should now look natural, for which they need to be placed in a context-appropriate environment. Forum posts and semantic comments on articles on sites have become significant examples of such a context. The secret course of crowd marketing is to place feedback on the question-answer services, where it is enough to find a question that matches the meaning of your brand and send the questioner (and subsequently other users and search engines) to you.


The right approach to SEO promotion with the help of crowd marketing helps to solve the following tasks:

  • increase the natural link mass without the risk of sanctions from the search engines;
  • increase targeted traffic to the site;
  • increase the visibility of the site, which will affect raising it in the search;
  • make the brand recognizable due to the growth of references to it in the network;
  • Increase brand loyalty through positive feedback.


Pros and cons of crowd marketing

Like any tool, crowd marketing has its advantages and disadvantages.

Of the main advantages should be noted:

  • Attracting the target audience, that is, those people who really are interested in your brand and services.
  • The growth of natural recommendations and the creation of a trusted image of the brand.

Of the minuses worth highlighting:

  • Crowd marketing as a tool works great only in the mainstream, it does not make sense to use it for companies with high-check, specific services, and local companies that do not have their own resources in the network (for example, for a cafe or a hairdresser).
  • The complexity involved in finding thematic forums and communities. The need for registration and time to increase the number of posts to increase their credibility, so that the account looks natural.

The need for periodic activity on thematic resources so that the site administration does not remove the old posts, considering them as advertising.


How to make and where it is better to deploy a crowd-strategy?


Crowd strategy is your action plan to promote your brand. It includes a list of thematic resources that are in harmony with your brand. In order to leave feedback on these resources, you need to have real profiles. If your budget is low, you need to register on these resources and start communicating on topics of interest to users, if possible without mentioning your brand and resource. As loyalty grows towards you, you can casually, but confidentially, mention your brand in full posts. If you find a direct question related to your brand or resource, you can give a detailed answer with a link not only to your resource, but also your experience. The main secret is that you can not rush, so as not to lose confidence.

If there is no opportunity or time to register and spend a lot of time on thematic resources, you can ask for a small fee to write a review about you other users. In some cases, you can give them samples of your product as a gift.

In addition to forums, comments on articles on sites and groups in social networks, you can use the services. Such sites purposefully collect feedback from live users on goods and services, and if a potential client is looking for feedback, the search engine will send them first.

There are also automated crowd-marketing services, which for a fee place similar to natural reviews on thematic resources along with links to your site. Prices and quality of services of these services are very different. Some SEO professionals consider these services to be the same link exchanges, just to the side. A self-developed strategy for crowd-marketing a brand will not replace any resource or exchange. But the poor quality of services of such services can bury your brand for search engines.

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